Environmental Compliance Auditing

A compliance audit is a documented, systematic audit to review the organizations compliance against current regulations, acts, statutes, by-laws, and other legal requirements. This allows for an ongoing monitoring of legal performance and due diligence. The staff at CMSI has conducted compliance audits throughout Canada and the United States. Read more...

Environmental Management System

Environmental impact and performance is a growing concern today more than ever. An environmental management system is a way to incorporate the environment into every aspect of your business to ensure environmental impacts are minimized. Our services can help you reduce your environmental impact while maintaining profitability.

Industrial Air Quality

Business owners are responsible for their atmospheric air emissions that they discharge. CMSI experienced staff uses best management practices to find practical and cost-effective solutions to sustain and improve your environmental performance.

Permitting and Approvals

Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA), are permits required by the Ontario Ministry of Environment that allow the discharge of water, air, and noise generated from industrial processes. These approvals are in place so that no regulated facility or process is negatively impacting the surrounding environment.

Owners and operators have a legal requirement to obtain environmental approvals and permits for activities that involve:

  • the release of pollutants into the air, land or water
  • the storage, transport or dispose of waste

CMSI can help you identify your regulatory needs and produce a complete and accurate application that results in a more streamlined approval.

Toxic Reduction Act

Established in 2009 to encourage industries to reduce their use of environmentally toxic substances in their operations, certain manufacturing and mineral processing companies are required to complete or update a reduction plan every 5 years. Read more...


CMSI offers a range of reporting services to help you meet your regulatory needs. We can help you with

      • National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI)
      • Ontario Regulation 127/01 Airborne Contaminant Discharge
      • Toxic Reduction Act (TRA)

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