Recognize the Root Cause…

94% of mistakes are due to the system

A common misconception is that preventive action is to avert the occurrence of a similar potential problem. This process is all part of corrective action, because it is a process of determining such similarities that should take place in the event of a discrepancy.

Corrective action is a reactive methodology used to determine actions as a result of a product or system discrepancies once they occur to resolve the issue short term, identify root cause of occurrence and develop long term methodologies to prevent the re-occurrence of the discrepancies.

Preventive action is any proactive methodology used to determine potential discrepancies before they occur and to ensure that they do not happen (thereby including, for example, preventive maintenance, management review or other common forms of risk aversion).

Corrective and preventive actions both include investigation, action, review, and further action if so required. It can be seen that both fit into the Plan – Do – Check – Act philosophy as determined by the Deming-Shewhart cycle.

Correction and Prevention Includes:

  • Planning – Especially when making changes to the way you do things, or what you do
  • Training – All personnel know the right way to do their job, how to prevent accidents and how to keep the site clean
  • Managing contractors

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This one (1) day course will focus on defining and understanding corrective action, how to investigate issues, understanding root cause and various tools of root cause, how to complete action items which address root cause, how to ensure the effectiveness of corrective actions, and how to manage the corrective action process. The best management systems have a strong corrective action process which includes identifying the actual root cause, implementing changes appropriate to the cause, and verifying the effectiveness of actions taken.

All attendees will receive:

  • Course material including slides and manual

 Personnel that will benefit from this course:

  • Managers/ Supervisors – From all disciplines with the organization
  • Department personnel
  • Anyone interested in streamlining business processes
  • Any member of the company that will be involved within the corrective action process